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New Brunswick - Bed and Breakfast Site Review

St. John, Fredericton, Marysville, Woodstock, Sussex, Moncton, Chatham, Newcastle,

Campbelton, Dalhousie, Edmundston, Bathurst, Shediac, Lancaster, St. George, Grand

Falls, Sackville, Miramichi, Shippegan, Bay of Fundy

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_____________________________________________________________ New Brunswick

Name BBCanada / Bed and Breakfast Online

Local Area

Website http://www.bbcanada.com/

Rating 4

Site Review / Date November-30-00

Canada. Extensive listing of Bed and Breakfast for all provinces. Lots of detail on individual B&Bs.

Some local information.

_____________________________________________________________ New Brunswick

Name Bed & Breakfast Expo

Local Area

Website http://www.bbexpo.com/

Rating 4

Site Review / Date December-19-00

Listing of Bed and Breakfast for all provinces and territories of Canada. Easy to navigate, gets right to the


_____________________________________________________________ New Brunswick

Name Cottage Portal

Local Area

Website http://www.cottageportal.com/

Rating 5

Site Review / Date September-02-04

For those who want a couple of days or a week-long stay at a country cottage this is an excellent site to

visit. Select from either a map of Canada/USA or enter the area of choice in a search. Search may be

filtered by category. Map of area available. Locations listed have their own websites with reservation by

email. Listed prices per week, daily to be arranged with owner. USA locations grouped by region, not all

states may be covered.

_____________________________________________________________ New Brunswick

Name Select Maine Inns

Local Area

Website http://www.selectmaineinns.com

Rating 5

Site Review / Date November-25-03

This site has an excellent selection of Inns and B&Bs across Maine. All sites have full information for

prices/local attractions.

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