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About Bed and Breakfast
We offer you one of the largest selection of B&B sites on the Internet.
We will save you time and increase your selection when you are looking for a B&B anywhere in the world. There are hundreds of sites listing multiple B&Bs. None of them has all the B&Bs for you to choose from

We have grouped all of the Bed and Breakfast listings by state/province, country and geographical area.
Almost all of the sites we will show you list numerous B&Bs. This saves you the time of searching for individual B&Bs or B&B listing sites. When you search yourself you must filter out non-B&B sites like hotel listing sites and others.

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We have searched the Internet high and low for B&B listing sites. Using multiple search engines and different keywords we have found all the B&B listing sites. This is an ongoing process as the industry and the availability of certain sites changes constantly.

We are continually verifying sites currently listed in our site for availability and researching new entries. We welcome listing requests.

We decided to make a site like this because we were frustrated when we were trying to find a B&B ourselves. It took too much time, the choices we found were limited and we knew there were more out there and there was a better way to do it.

Due to demand we are also listing individual
Bed and Breakfast locations
from anywhere in the world.

We will keep enhancing our website to keep it the best on the Internet.
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