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The following are general Rules of Etiquette
for your stay at a Bed and Breakfast location:
Protocols and guest etiquette vary more by B&B than by region.
In general it's no different than staying in a nice hotel or at a friend's home.

The most basic rules are:
#1  As this is typically someone's home, treat it with respect.  Do not take anything. Furnishings are the personal belongings of the innkeepers. Some may be antiques and other personal mementos they want to share (visually) with you. Do not rearrange your room or in anyway damage your room or the common rooms.

#2  Respect other guests. Do not make loud noises of any kind late at night or early in the morning. Most B&B rooms are have no locks. If it's not your room, stay out! If you are curious what another room looks like, ask the innkeepers if they can show it too you or make friends with the other guest and let them show you.

#3  If the B&B allows children, make sure your children are well behaved and understand they are not at home. Make sure they are quiet at night (no running around), do not play with items that are not toys. Typically, B&B's allow children who are 12 or older. Check first.

#4  Find out what the hours are checking in, checking out, breakfast, dinner if served, and evening door closings. Be prompt and if you are going to be late for any reason at all, let the innkeepers know before hand. Different B&B's have different rules about going in and out at night. Some offer keys, some have a key code entry system, others have set times the door is simply locked. If you are given a key or key code, do not tell anyone or loan the key to anyone other than the person you are staying with if that be the case.

#5  If you are leaving a phone number for someone to reach you in an emergency, make sure they do just that. There is usually no phones in a B&B except for the innkeeper's own phone. Calls in the middle of the night for non-emergencies are an annoyance. On that same note, do not use the B&B phone for your own personal use. Calls for dinner reservations, and a quick check home are typically permitted but if you have a business deal you need to take care of, carry a cell phone, use a pay phone or charge the call to your home phone.

#6  If you have special needs, discuss them with the innkeepers before your arrival. In this way they can offer you a vegetarian choice for breakfast other than oatmeal. If you have trouble walking up stairs, let them know so they can see if they have a first floor room available.

#7 Most B&B's do not allow smoking in common rooms and in many case nowhere but outside. Check first if you are a smoker. Don't assume.

#8 If the B&B offers afternoon tea or evening drinks, don't be a glut and eat all the food or get drunk. You won't be welcomed back.

#9 Utilize their knowledge. Innkeepers love to suggest places to eat and things to do. I've had some wonderful times because of innkeepers suggestions. Do not take up all their time though. Unlike a hotel concierge, they have other responsibilities as well.

Each B&B may have their own rules for other areas but the above rules tend to be the basic written and unwritten rules. Be considerate, be respectful, and be courteous.